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Run-Flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres for greater road safety

The autopink-shop.ie online shop carries a large, brand-name selection of run-flat tyres. If you do not want to leave your road safety to chance in case of a tyre malfunction, these wheels are the right choice. After all, option for run-flat wheels means that you will likely make it to the next workshop even if your tyres have been damaged. When driving with kids, this feature is particularly useful. Of course, you cannot just buy run flat tires for your passenger car, but for your commercial vehicle as well. Keep in mind that each run flat tire comes with its own speed limit, which you must adhere to for your safety. Of course, you should also be sure to regularly check the pressure of your tyres in order to avoid damaged tyres to being with. Also check your wheels for wear and replace them before they are worn out – this should be standard procedure for any motorist that is interested in safe driving. Once you are due for a new set of wheels, you can buy them here!

Great deals on run-flat tyres

Take advantage of our affordable tyre prices today. As a mainland UK customer, you will not even have to pay for shipping. Moreover, we are happy to deliver your new set of wheels to the workshop of your choice. This makes it easy to get your wheels changed!

Your fitting service companies

Your fitting stationNo hassle. Save time and money. We'll take care of finding a fitter to fit your tyres for you. Quality facilities at a reduced price.

buy tyres online – without risk:

  • We give 2 years warranty
  • And offer you a 30 days return policy