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Firestone Tyres

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Firestone Tyres – 100 Years of Giving You the Freedom to Drive

Firestone started as the original equipment tyres for Henry Ford's Model T. Founded in 1900, Firestone has now over 100 years of experience, a legacy of performance that first started with a 1911 Indianapolis 500 victory and continues to this day as Firestone has become the supplier of the IndyCar Series since 2013.

Firestone tyres

Firestone Tyres – Living the Indy500 Legacy

Firestone has advanced as the makers of tyres for buggies and wagons to the manufacturer of tyres for sedans, minivans, crossover and sport utilitiy vehicles (CUVs/SUVs), and high-performance vehicles. If you are into touring, Firestone tyres offer exceptional driving experience for a smooth and comfortable ride. Whether navigating stop-start traffic jams or cruising in high-speeds on long stretches of open road, Firestone tyres deliver quiet, hassle-free ride for sedans of all types.

When you want to put thrill back to your driving and you need car tyres that have been designed for outstanding cornering and response that are crucial to high-power performance and safety, Firestone puts out a line of sports and performance vehicle tyres that have been inspired by the company's racing legacy and experience on Indy 500 racetracks.

Winter and All-Season Firestone Tyres – Let the Good Times Rolls

For taking full control of the roads and overcoming tough driving conditions on snow and ice, look no further than Firestone tyres. Engineered to perform in severe weather conditions for extra traction and confident handling, Firestone winter tyres will get you out of a blizzard, rainstorm, or treacherous icy roads, thanks to its siped and studdable tyre design well-suited for SUVs/CUVs.

If you want the pleasure of smooth, relaxing ride on dry roads, Firestone summer tyres exude not only elegant design but also afford super-quiet ride without compromising cornering, handling and braking performance.

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