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Light Truck Tyres

Light truck tyres at fair prices

At autopink-shop.ie, you can shop a vast and varied selection of light truck tyres online. Whether you are driving a commercial truck or van or you are using your small truck or van to get your family from A to B, we bring you quality performance wheels for your truck. However, we require a few key details about your vehicle in order to be able to display the right tyre size, which is important for your road safety. Whether you want to use your new wheels during summer or winter is also of crucial importance, much like when shopping for passenger car tyres. As such, we ask that you choose the right kinds of wheels for your van. All weather or all season wheels can be used all year round. However, this only applies if you live in a region that does not see a lot of snow on a regular basis. Also note that we present many top-selling brands to you when shopping for truck tyres. Browse our selection by Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, Dunlop and the like!

Light truck tyres with speedy delivery

We will not only deliver your new set of truck wheels as soon as possible, but free of charge to mainland UK customers as well. Also benefit from our handy tyre search tool along with the great price-performance ratio that we offer on all of our wheels. Time to place your wheel order!

Your fitting service companies

Your fitting stationNo hassle. Save time and money. We'll take care of finding a fitter to fit your tyres for you. Quality facilities at a reduced price.

low tyre prices:

  • Customers state that they get their black circles for about 25% lower prices at eiretyres.com compared to other dealers
  • Our tyre prices include VAT and packaging as well as shipping costs within Ireland