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Winter tyres

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Picking up good winter tyres should not be that difficult at all – we at Autopink want to make that as easy as it gets. You need winter tyres, for sure, so let you have some. Why not a pair or two, nice and pretty good quality winter tyres that help you to drive through snow, ice, slush and all that what comes along. Our winter tyres are safe and secure, no need to worry for you, just let the car go along the way and feel the smooth ride. When you feel that it is the time to slow down or stop, these tires are tight as that and steering response is immediate at least. Take a turn left, and the tyres follow like a dance – so good are winter tyres on the top.

Autopink shop is like no other, made for you and your needs

When you purchase winter tyres from us, you can be sure that everyone has been picked up by hand. They are all good and you dont have to worry too much about details. Some tyres fit well to small rims, like economical urban cars, other tyres take big 19-inc rim just like that and the speed goes high up as. Medium-size SUV cars can be a bit heavy and big wheels and tyres needed to carry all that load.

Check out at least these Winter tyres today

  • Nankang Snow SV-3, narrow casual tyre for mid-sized wheel and easy ride
  • Kumho WinterCraft WP51 as studless version to scratch less the sensitive surface of road
  • Wide Ovation W-586 tyres for big wheels to carry heavy loads even at high speed (103H category)

We at Autopink sell winter tyres that matter most. Barely there could be more affordable products available, that match your specific needs and wishes, and challenging conditions and harsh environment. Welcome to friendly autopink-shop.ie - if we haven't got something, let us know!

Prices include VAT and delivery within Ireland.