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Motorbike Tyres: Racing

Get On Your Motorbike With Racing Tyres

Most of the motorbike freaks love the adventures of racing. And only high-quality motorcycle tyres can take this fun to the next level. A wide variety of racing tyres is available to cater the demands of racers. Since racing tyres are totally different from the regular ones in terms of requirements and capabilities. Therefore, specialized racing tyres are manufactured using advanced technology.

Maximized Grip With Reliable Racing Tyres

In order to excel in the motorsport events, a racer needs genuine and durable racing tyres. These tyres have different features and properties that make them unable to be used for regular driving. Made from a natural rubber compound, the racing tyres consist of little to no tread at all and so termed as ‘Racing Slick’ as well.

Due to the challenging requirements of a racing event, a biker is always required to attain maximized grip under all conditions. Avon racing tyres are quite popular in this category and offer a diverse collection. AM22 is one of such tyres that comprises of racing compounds with a stressed casing. This results in an unsurpassed grip that aids the rider to achieve desired performance.

For more varieties, visit autopink-shop.ie and discover a range that matches your needs. We have stocked diverse products for motorbike racing. These products are long-lasting with amazing capabilities.

Fitting the tyres

Fitting the tyresNo problem: we also have fitting station partners for motorbike tyres - and not far from where you live. Search for fitting station partner

Low tyre prices:

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  • Our tyre prices include VAT and packaging as well as shipping costs within Ireland.