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GT Radial Tyres

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GT Radial tyres for nearly any kind of vehicle

At autopink-shop.ie online, you can shop a vast and varied tyre range for all kinds of vehicles. Whether you are looking for truck, passenger car, or SUV tyres, we have your back. As such, we have partnered with a large selection of popular wheel brands, which stock quality budget tyres for nearly any vehicle type. In particular, you might like to check out our GT Radial tyres, which are offered for all of the aforementioned vehicles as well as buses, commercial vans, light trucks tyres, and trailers. Also check out our quality selection of 4x4 wheels by GT Radial. With its seven production plants and about 600 highly trained research and development engineers, GT Radial is bringing you cutting-edge wheels. Since this brand has received several top supplier awards by car manufacturers such as General Motors, this is all the more reason to opt for these wheels, which we stock in various tyre sizes. From the company’s Champiro wheels to any other tyres from the GT Radial tyre range, you can count on the performance of these wheels.

GT Radial tyres

Buy GT Radial wheels from your trusted dealer

We want to be your trusted source for GT Radial wheels. In turn, we offer you a large tyre range at fair prices, which even comes with free mainland UK shipping. If you have any questions about our customer service of these tyres, feel free to contact us. Also note that we have partnered with about 1,000 fitting stations to make it easy for you to get your wheels changed near you.