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Gislaved Tyres

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Gislaved tyres – taming the road

The Gislaved brand has its origins in Sweden, in 1897. Over its long history, the venerable manufacturer has earned a solid reputation for highly dependable cold-weather products. A subsidiary of Continental AG since 1992, Gislaved continues this tradition and offers tyres mainly aimed at the markets of Northern Europe and Canada.

Focusing on dynamic handling and confidence-inspiring grip, the Gislaved range of summer and winter tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, and light commercial vehicles includes a variety of models that impress in terms of quality and value. Although primarily known and respected for the performance of its winter tyres, Gislaved also offers competitive summer tyres, particularly well-suited to the unpredictable weather of Northern countries – and, thus, very interesting options for UK motorists.

Gislaved tyres

Absolute confidence and superb value, with Gislaved tyres from autopink-shop.ie

Gislaved summer tyres are offered in three distinct product lines - the Urban*Speed for small and medium range cars, the Ultra*Speed for mid-sized family cars, performance cars, and luxury saloons, and the Com*Speed for vans and other light commercial vehicles. All provide precise handling on dry and wet surfaces, as well as comfort and durability.

The Gislaved winter range is undoubtedly worthy of praise. Again, three product lines cater for the needs of every motorist – the Euro*Frost5 studless car winter tyres, the Nord*Frost studdable and pre-studded car winter tyres for more extreme Nordic conditions, and the Nord*Frost Van for light commercial vehicles. These highly capable winter tyres deliver superb traction and stable handling on snow and ice-covered roads, as well as a smooth ride and good wear resistance.

Whatever Gislaved model suits you best, autopink-shop.ie can provide it under the most advantageous conditions. Order now, and take advantage of our great prices and excellent customer service!