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Kleber Tyres

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Kleber Tyres for Elegance, Longevity and Safety

Coming out of Paris in 1910, Kleber is no stranger to starting a revolution. In 1951, it was the first tyre to have incorporated inner tubes, a start of innovation that would eventually lead to several other inventions such as a new water draining system that is one of the recent development from this French tyre manufacturer. The result: Kleber tyres are the OE (original equipment) fitments of renowned car brands such as Volkswagen, Renault, Opel, Peugeot, and Suzuki.

Wherever You Go, Whatever the Season – Only Kleber Tyres Will Do

Kleber Reifen - Die passenden Reifen für jedes Modell

Kleber tyres work superbly well for runabout cars in a variety of conditions. When temperature drops or rains fall, Kleber tyres transform, and showcase excellent water displacement in flooded motorways or slushy roads, and sufficient bite to safely negotiate, steer and accelerate up the hill. The ability to go downhill safely and brake in snow boosts driving confidence, and this is what you get from Kleber all season tyres.

In the snow and ice, Kleber tyres display remarkable grip level and braking performance for their price. Specifically designed to evacuate water quickly and resist aquaplaning consistently, Kleber winter tyres feature protective layers strengthened by laminas for greater control under the worst winter conditions.

On Dry Road with Kleber Tyres

When the weather gets fair and sunny, it's time to change to Kleber summer tyres. Featuring improved handling and traction on wet and dry surfaces, Kleber summer tyres enable secure and progressive driving. In keeping with the standards maintained at Kleber, these car tyres meet stringent demands for longevity, safety and elegance.

Quality and cheap tyres abound at autopink-shop.ie, where you get to choose which Kleber tyres to put on this season or next. Order your tyres online now and enjoy great value for your money!