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Lassa Tyres

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Lassa tyres by the Bridgestone company

At autopink-shop.ie store, you can shop for many budget wheels that are brought to you by some of the biggest tyre makers in the entire world. This is also true of Lassa tyres, which are part of the infamous Bridgestone tyre brand. In 1993, Lassa was even able to take home the National Quality Award, while the company won the European Quality Grand Prize in 1996. In turn, this should tell you something about the high tyre quality that you can expect despite Lassa’s rather affordable wheel prices. As of today, these wheels are being offered in more than 60 countries across the globe.

Whether you are looking for winter, summer, sport, all season, or 4x4 tyres, this brand covers a huge tyre range. Our tyre finder will even help you find the correct wheel size. In addition to passenger car wheels, you can shop for quality light truck tyres by Lassa as well. Please note that all of these wheels are being produced in Brisa and are considered especially robust since they have been tailored to the challenging road conditions that are often found in Turkey, which is where this budget tyre maker is based.

Shop your new Lassa tyres with ease

As you are looking for the newest Lassa tyres, we are here to provide you with our easy online ordering process. In addition, we stand for fast delivery times and can even help with your professional and yet affordable tyre change near you. Be sure to check out the deal of the day for some even more worthwhile online tyre savings!