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Maxxis Tyres

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Maxxis tyres made in Taiwan

Maxxis tyres are produced by the Taiwanese company Cheng Shin, that exists since 1967. In addition to car tyres the range includes those for motorcycles and ATVs, which are sold all over the world. The production sites are spread throughout Asia employing over 20,000 people. The German sales office is located in Dägeling.

Maxxis tyres are used by leading car manufacturers for new cars, which underlines the quality of the products. On autopink-shop.co.uk you'll get tyres of this brand for all seasons. No matter the road conditions, this company offers tyres for all occasions.

Maxxis wheels for your car

The M-35 is a summer tyre for sporty drivers and the VS-01 is available for high-performance vehicles with tyre sizes from 16 to 21 inches. With the MA-AS Maxxis offers an all-season tyre with M+S and snowflake symbol so that it is also suitable for snowy winter days, whereby the company also produces pure winter tyres like the WP-05. In the 2012 winter tyre test of the German car magazine "Auto Bild" the Maxxis MA-PW got good grades in dry conditions and on snow.

But for many motorists wear-out and rolling resistance are important as well because these are decisive factors in maintenance costs - Maxxis tyres meet these requirements, too. Order your set of tyres now reasonably priced in our online shop. As you are placing your online order, you should make sure that the tyres that you are selecting are in fact compatible with your car. After all, optimal fit also makes for optimal handling. Experience greater driving comfort when opting for these brand name tyres. Of course, we offer you great deals on Maxxis wheels as well.