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Michelin Tyres

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Michelin tyres - what this brand is all about

The French tyre manufacturer Michelin has its headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand selling its tyres in around 170 countries of the world - only Bridgestone has a bigger turnover. On five continents there are about 70 production sites that enable high volume and short channels of distribution. The Michelin tyres are being tested in Europe, Japan and the United States.

The company was founded in 1889 by André and Édouard Michelin, however, did not produce tyres immediately. This happened two years later after the brothers had invented the pneumatic tyre that was first successfully used in cycling and then also at car races. It was followed by numerous patents which continued to develop the tyre: low-profile tyres and radial tyres are just two examples. Meanwhile, Michelin tyres are produced for vans, lorries, coaches, agricultural and industrial machines tyres. Aircrafts, space shuttles and the Metro in Paris are also equipped with tyres of this known brand.

Some of the best tyres around

Many products set standards in their segments and receive top ratings at official tests. The results you can see in our online store - they tell a lot about safety, fuel consumption and wear out. Braking distance, cornering stability and wet performance are equally important and are partially represented on the EU tyre label that exists for each tyre. Find out more about the quality of Michelin tyres and order them with free shipping on autopink-shop.ie. Only two to three business days after payment you'll get them.

Given the excellent handling, driving comfort and high level of performance that these wheels and tyres offer, you should not hesitate, but shop to it right away. Wet, dry and icy roads do not present a real challenge when your vehicle is equipped with any of the quality tyres by Michelin that are part of our extensive product range for budget-savvy customers. Which tyres are the right fit for your vehicle?