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Nankang Tyres

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Performance Nankang tyres from Taiwan

Nankang tyres are made in Taiwan, because in the capital Taipei there is the headquarters of the company founded in 1959. However, since 1973 the tyres have been produced in Hsinchu Hsin-Fung and since 2003 in China as well. The range of the brand includes summer and winter tyres for cars and motorcycles tyres. The passenger car tyres are available as standard products for compact or mid-range vehicles as well as for sports cars.

Nankang Reifen - sportliche Reifen für Autos und Motorräder

Each of these tyres has to undergo rigorous testing before it is made available to consumers. As such, you can be sure that these tyres live up to your standards and suit both your needs and the needs of your car. Even if you are interested in commercial tyres, Nankang is here to deliver and offer you excellent road handling and high driving comfort.

Explore the Nankang tyre range online

With the Eco 2 Nankang offers a fuel-saving tyre. Stiff tread blocks on the side are intended to minimize the energy consumption. In addition, the noise generation could be reduced. This green Nankang tyres provide an excellent price-performance ratio. With the Rollnex series the company offers tyres for SUVs.

The different requirements of the driver are taken into account - the Rollnex FT-9 is a real offroad specialist, while the FT-4 was designed for powerful SUVs that are mostly driven on tarmac. Among the many winter tyres of this brand are those with spikes that maximize the grip on ice and packed snow. The product range is completed by Nankang tyres for vans, sports tyres for motorcycles as well as tyres for lorries and coaches. You will get them you low in price on autopink-shop.ie.