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Nokian Tyres

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Learn more about the Nokian Tyres brand

Nokian tyres have been produced by the Finnish company Nokian Renkaat Oyj since the end of the 19th century - Nokian is market leader at tyres for forestry machines. The brand name harks back to city of the company's headquarters: Nokia near Tampere. The world's largest tyre manufacturer Bridgestone holds 20 percent of Nokian.

In addition to new tyres that are produced among others in Lieksa and near St. Petersburg, retreading conduces to success and a turnover of around 1.4 billion euros per year. As a Scandinavian tyre manufacturer Nokian has an expertise for winter tyres, because they are essential in Northern Europe. While winter time in Central Europe is usually very moderate with only a few snowy days, it is very hard and long in Finland.

Check out some of the best Nokian tyres

The WR D3 is a Nokian tyre convincing in all weather conditions. It also wears off evenly and keeps fuel consumption low. This Nokian tyre is offered in many sizes between 13 and 17 inches. Drivers of cars with bigger wheels pick the Nokian WR A3, which is also available as run-flat version and reinforced. His snowflake symbol indicates the excellent winter performance.

If you want to order this or any other Nokian tyre on autopink-shop.ie, you can read the reviews in our shop and benefit from shipping free of charge. In addition, the EU tyre label provides information about various criteria such as wet grip and noise generation. As you can see, these Nokian wheels will win you over across the board.

If you are looking for a tyre that will outperform the competition when faced with various road and weather conditions, these tyres might just be the perfect choice for you. Make sure that you are picking the rights kinds of Nokian wheels for your car to make for the perfect fit.