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Sailun Tyres

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Get on Road Trip with Sailun Tyres

When you are on the go on snowy or dry roads, what you all need is the companionship of stupendous tyres that may support your ride with comfort and stability. With Sailun tyres, you are going to maximize that comfort with reliable performance. The Chinese company Sailun is quite a new player in the industry and founded back in 2002, the company consistently worked hard to produce its unique and innovative line of tyres. And that is the reason, today Sailun is the name that sells over 50 million tyres annually throughout the world.

Bring Quality to Your Vehicle with Sailun Tyres:

Sailun Reifen fur kostenbewusste Autofahrer

Considering quality assurance as the pivotal element in tyre manufacturing, the company has focused meticulously on every phase of tyre production. From the initial phase of rubber used till the finished product, every phase is strictly monitored and tracked in order to maintain a high quality. Employing the most advanced equipment and machinery, Sailun is producing the world’s best tyres for every vehicle.

Experience the advanced L-shaped grooves in Ice Blazer series to support greater traction on slush, snow and wet road conditions. While minimizing road noise, the grip is enhanced with multi-directional siping. Sailun Aterezzo family is amazing for all-weather traction with its well-engineered high angle tread blocks and superb eco-friendly features. 

Get any of the Sailun tyres in an economical range from autopink-shop.ie. Our online shop is stocked with the latest Sailun variety to fulfill your vehicle’s needs. So, what are you waiting for, log into our shop and place your order to receive at doorsteps.