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Sonar Tyres

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Sonar Tyres and Its Features

Sonar tyres offer ultra high performing tyres for sports and luxury cars and also comfort tyre for general vehicles. The Sportek SX1- EVO and SX-2 are the UHP summer tyres with features like asymmetric tread design, ultimate wet and dry grip, better handling and greater contact with roads to offer comfort. The tyres suited for city cars are: Primax S- 780 and SX- 608. They offer super wet handling, better traction, low noise and comfortable ride. The winter tyres from Sonar are: Powderhound PF-2, PF-5 and P- 800.

Sonar Tyres Specifications

The Sporteck’s Sonar tyres are offered to suit rim sizes 13, 17to 19 inches. The tyre specifications are: 185 to 265 width, 30-60 height, 80 to 100 load indexes and H, V, W and Y speed indexes. The Primax tyres are offered with tyre sizes: 155 to 225 width 50 to 70 heights, 70 to 100 load index and H, V, W and T speed indexes. The winter tyres sold at autopink-shop.ie have tyre width and height ranging from 165 to 225 and 40 to 70 respectively.