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Viking Tyres

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Robust Viking tyres for the winter months

Viking tyres are great for the winter months. Since this brand is from Norway, this is all the more reason to trust in Viking winter tyres sold by autopink-shop.ie. The low rolling friction and excellent rim protection make for truly great tyres. Extra-load and high-speed wheels are offered by this popular manufacturer as well.

Count on the high mileage that these wheels offer and get a better value for your money when you are shopping with us. However, these tyres are not just affordable. They will also keep you safe when faced with slippery and icy driving conditions.

The Landsail LS588 tyre by Viking is just one of the tyres that we recommend. Check out the Landsail CLV2 as well and benefit from the excellent grip that these tyres provide. The incredibly low noise levels are yet another feature that these tyres are known for. Of course, Viking stocks plenty of quality summer tyres.

Viking Reifen

Learn about the Viking brand

Viking is a popular tyre brand that also produces Landsail tyres. The company has existed since 1931. As a Norwegian company, the Vikings played a role in the naming of this tyre manufacturer. Initially, this brand only produced rubber goods, before it started producing tyres as well. Today, Viking has been able to make a name for itself internationally.