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Our offer for Infinity tyres

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Infinity tyres straight from Dubai

Infinity Tyres come from Dubai and are produced by the Al Dobowi Group. Production site is, however, the Chinese Zhaoyuan. The Al Dobowi Group is an international network of partners to make the tyre known anywhere in the world. They will challenge the renowned brands for customers - even in Europe, although Infinity tyres haven't made it's mark here yet. But this can change completely - thanks to cheap products and high quality assets. Infinity tyres are available for cars, commercial vehicles, lorries and SUVs. Also shop autopink-shop.ie these tyres for your light truck, bus or select the 4x4, industrial or agricultural tyres.

Learn about the Infinity tyre selection

With the Infinity Ecomax an ultra high performance tires is available for owner of sports cars. Other tyres of this company like the Inf-030 could even convince the German ADAC, who regularly checks products of unknown brands as well. Not only the safety-relevant driving characteristics are tested, but also wearout and fuel consumption. In addition, what makes these wheels special are both their super traction and handling. These tyres were made to exceed your expectations and the brand behind these tyres is committed to continual innovating. Even when you are faced with challenging roads, Infinity wheels will be a great choice that can keep you safe when it matters most.