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Apollo Tyres

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Overview of Apollo tyres

Apollo tyres Ltd is an Indian based tyre manufacturer that started its operations from Gurgaon in 1972. The company has grown manifold and now has set its footprints all over the globe. It is known as Apollo Vredestein internationally and offers a wide range of summer, winter and all season tyres to suit your car needs.

Apollo tyres

Apollo tyres features

The summer tyres from Apollo are the: Alnac, Alnac 4G, Amazer 3G, Amazer 3G Maxx, Amazer 4G, Amazer 4G Life and Aspire 4G. The Amazer 3G series are tyres made to suit compact and premium mid sized cars. They have an asymmetric trodden pattern that will offer superior grip and comfort on all kinds of roads. The Amazer 4G series is made to suit small, compact and premium compact vehicles and offers superior grip and handling, steering stability, longer tread life and impact resistance. The Alnac 4G series Apollo tyres have trodden pattern to suit wet and dry roads with excellent road grip. The tyres offer longer durability and give you comfort and noiseless drive.

Specifications of Apollo tyres

The Alnac 4G series is offered to suit rim sizes 14 and 15 inches. They come with specifications like: 175 to 195 tyre widths, 60 and 65 tyre height, 84 to 91 load index and speed rating of H. The Amazer series Apollo tyres suits wheel sizes 12 to 14 inches with tyre specifications: 145 to 185 width, 65 to 80 heights, 73 to 88 load indexes and T speed index rating. The Aspire series of tyres sold at autopink-shop.ie suits wheel sizes 16 to 18 inches. The tyre width/height ratio ranges from 205/55 to 225/55 with load index ratings from 91 to 98 and the speed index W.