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Vredestein Tyres

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Vredestein tyres for your car, SUV, or delivery van

Looking for budget tyres for the summer or winter months? Are you interested in cheap all season tyres instead? Either way, you might like to check out our huge selection of Vredestein tyres for your vehicle. From SUV to car and delivery van tyres, we work closely with this Dutch tyre brand to bring you as big of a selection as possible. As such, you cannot only choose from Vredestein’s Ultrac or Quatrac tyres here. If you have any questions about these tyres, just look to the detailed product descriptions or be sure to contact us. Did you know that Vredestein also offers bike tyres? As you can see, this brand is well equipped to provide you with the right kinds of wheels.

Vredestein tyres

About Vredestein as a brand

Vredestein Banden B.V. is a Dutch tyre maker that has been around since 1909. The company is based in Enschede in the Netherlands and stands 1,500 employees strong. In 2005, Vredestein Tyres was taken over by Amtel, a Russian tyre brand. In 2009, another company takeover took place when Apollo Tyres, one of the largest tyre makers in India, purchased the rights to Vredestein. Currently, this brand manufactures about 6 million wheels per year, which are being sold around the globe.

Reasons for shopping with us

At the autopink-shop.ie online store, you cannot simply profit from our large Vredestein tyre selection. Instead, we want to bring you budget prices and fast delivery times as well. Also take advantage of our tyre-change service near you. About 1,000 professional fitting partners are awaiting your call.