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Cold weather tyres

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Cold weather tyres for snow and ice

If you are looking for great deals on cold weather tyres, the autopink-shop.ie online store has your back. We offer both all season/ all weather and winter tyres, all of which have been approved for street use on both icy and snowy surfaces. In your search for the perfect winter weather tyre, which can easily handle tough driving conditions, we are here to offer you many top-selling brands. Whether you are faced with ice, snow, or mud, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop, and the like are just some of the popular tyre makers that we have partnered with for your road safety. Of course, these cold weather tyres offer excellent cold weather traction along with short braking distances even under extreme conditions. However, you should not exceed the maximum allowed speed when driving with these wheels as this could put your safety at risk. Given that we offer the handy tyre finder, you can select your perfect winter weather tyres, which come with the M+S and snowflake symbol, in mere minutes.

Buy your cold weather tyres online

We certainly recommend shopping for quality tyres online, as this is where you can score some amazing savings. Moreover, mainland UK delivery is also included in the price of these wheels already. Also note that we offer winter and all season tyres for various vehicles from your passenger car to your van and motorcycle.

Prices include VAT and delivery within Ireland.