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Truck Tyres

Reliable truck tyres at a low cost

We would love to be your trusted supplier for truck tyres. After all, autopink-shop.ie offers many sales specials on HGV tyres and lorry tyres that you can benefit from. Some of the tyres that you see here, which were produced by a variety of brand name manufacturers, will retain inflation pressure a lot longer. To keep you safe when driving your truck or bus on the road, these tyres need to offer high performance features. The versatility that many of these performance truck wheels boost mile after mile is hard to beat. While you might be in the business of delivering efficiency, we are in the business of providing you with the right kinds of tyres.

Find the right kinds of commercial tyres for your vehicle

Of course, these tyres have undergone numerous tests to make sure that they can perform in a commercial setting. After all, the demands placed on these tyres are often much greater than if you were just shopping for regular summer or winter tyres. From their superb mileage performance to their high fuel efficiency, there are plenty of different reasons as to why you should opt for some of our tyres. In fact, the wet performance that these tyres deliver is truly something to be proud of.

In turn, the economic efficiency of these tyres cannot be denied given the great and affordable offers that we have in store for you. From low noise levels to the optimal levels of rolling resistance, there is much that you are going to appreciate about the tyres that you can purchase for your truck.

Bulk discount

If you need a larger number of truck tyres (more than 10), then please e-mail us at: mytyres@delti.com

buy tyres online – without risk:

  • We give 2 years warranty
  • And offer you a 30 days return policy