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Cooper Tyres

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Cooper Tyres - A Tyre to Depend On

"Cooper" is a name synonymous with 100 years of making tyres that last. Cooper tyres are made with 30% more tread than many original tyres that come with a new car. The result: tread depth that make them stronger in construction and resistant to puncture, and bring drivers to distances that far outdo the competition. When the dust settles, Cooper tyres are hands-down good value for money, as they have been through the century.

Cooper tyres

Cooper Tyres – Whatever the Season, Wherever Your Destination

When rolling through highway terrain, Cooper all-season tyres are known for their superb dry traction and outstanding wet handling, offering incredible grip on wet and slippery road while keeping it all quiet.

In alpine winter conditions, Cooper winter tyres utilize their Tapered Alternating Groove technology - forward-facing shoulder grooves with V-slots - to improve control and traction in snow, slush and wet conditions. New silica-rich compound further enhances wet and snow grip without compromising performance at very low temperatures. When you want to breeze through severe driving conditions without the noise or risk of aquaplaning, order Cooper winter tyres online from autopink-shop.co.uk.

Cooper Tyres – 100 Years of Safety and Strength

Cooper tyres "talk" to you: By checking "wear squares," indicators that change shape as the tyres wear down, you can determine how much longer tread life you have left, or figure out if there are mechanical problems that contribute to uneven wear.

All-terrain Cooper tyres have improved high-tensile steel that makes your tyre construction stronger and highly resistant to puncture. When dealing with harsher rocky and gravel terrain, you want your Cooper summer tyres to maximize grip and have that extra resistance to cutting and chipping. On wet surfaces, Cooper tyres have sweeping lateral grooves and see-through tread design for efficient water dispersion and quick water evacuation.

At autopink-shop.ie, you have hundreds of Cooper all-season tyres, winter tyres and summer tyres to choose from. Enjoy a selection of high-quality and cheap tyres from Cooper, and drive to places where your imagination take you with the knowledge that you are driving with 100 years of safety and strength.