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Debica Tyres

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Debica Tyres

Debica tyres are the best tyres you can think of for your passenger cars. These tyres will offer you great grip, riding comfort and pleasure on the roads. You can buy these tyres at discount prices at Autopink-shop.

Debica tyres

About Debica Tyres

Debica is one of the leading tyre manufacturers for passenger and commercial vehicles in Poland. The Debica S.A. Company is the leading company to hire the most number of employees in Debica city. It is also the biggest investor in the city of Debica. There are as many as 3,000 workers and 350 local businesses under the company. The Debica tyres meet all the international standards and requirements. This is why it is being sold in over 60 countries across six continents. The company has been running since 1995 and about 81.396% of the shareholder’s equity of the company is owned by popular American tyre making company, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. The countries where these tyres are in great demand are: Great Britain, Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the USA.

Tyres on Sale from Debica

There is a wide range of passenger car tyres on offer from Debica. The company is looking at producing the best quality tyres that meet the needs and requirements of their customers. The tyres offer great grip, better stability and riding and driving comfort for the people in the car. You can buy winter, summer and all year passenger car tyres and tractor, farm and industrial tyres when you shop for Debica tyres online.

Technical Specifications of Debica Tyres

Debica tyres come out with a wide variety of passenger car tyres like winter, summer and all year tyres.

  • Winter Tyres: It comes with names like Frigo, Frigo HP, Frigo 2 and Frigo directional. Tyre width ranges from 135 to 225, profile from 40 to 80 and rim diameter from 12” to 17”. The tyre features include: silica tread compound for extra grip, multi radius cavity space for better mileage, extra biting edges for better performance on snow and wide circumferential grooves to greater dispersion of water and slush even at high speeds.
  • Summer Tyres: Presto, Furio, Passio and Passio 2. The tyre width ranges from 135 to 225, profile from 45 to 80 and rim diameter from 12 to 17 inches. The EU labelling fuel efficiency ranges from E to F, wet grip C and noise levels 68 to 70 dB. The features include: lateral and circumferential grooves, large shoulder blocks, better central grip and optimised tread spies.
  • All Year Tyres: Navigator and Navigator 2 are two tyres under this category. Tyre width ranges from 135 to 225, profile from 45 to 80 and rim size from 12 to 17 inches. Its features include: deep intermediate grooves, 624 redial blades, tread pattern shape and 6 rib pattern construction.

Buying Debica Tyres

Autopink-shop.ie is the store where you can buy Debica online at prices lower than what you find in a brick and mortar tyre store. You can find any type of car tyres and in any width, profile and tyre size when shopping for Debica tyre online.