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Goodyear Tyres

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Goodyear tyres - one of the international market leaders

The US-American Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is one of the world's three largest tyre manufacturers and was even long-time number one.

It was founded in 1898 in the state of Ohio and produced its first passenger car tyres three years later. The legendary Ford Model T was equipped with Goodyear tyres. In nearly 100 factories tires for different vehicle segments and classes are produced and they still benefit from Goodyear's motorsport involvement. Goodyear develops high-quality products for road and track, as well as for aircrafts.

Award-winning tyres for your car

Goodyear tyres for cars are among the most popular brands and can also be purchased in our online store. They offer an excellent price-performance ratio and are often honoured as test winner. But even without reviews the EU tyre label shows whether a tyre is fuel-saving, has good wet grip and a low noise level. So you can order exactly the tyre that matches your requirements at autopink-shop.ie.

Excellent performance and superb handling and traction are thus guaranteed when you opt for one of the leading tyre brands that is famous all of the world. Of course, Goodyear produces winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres to meet the needs of its customers year round. Goodyear wheels are not only used in racing, but can also enhance the performance of your car whether you are driving to work, travelling or embarking on your next outdoor adventure.