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Fulda Tyres

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Fulda Tyres

Autopink-shop.ie brings you Fulda tyres from Germany. No matter your tyre size, this manufacturer has it all. Eco Control and winter tyres are some of the tyres that this brand stocks. The Carat Progresso tyre is one of the tyres that have gotten especially great test reviews. Overall, these are tyres that will make for shorter braking distances both in dry and wet conditions. The AquaFlow tread is yet another feature that these tyres are known for. Precise handling and protection against aquaplaning make these tyres are great choice, too. Do not forget about the excellent fuel economy either, since these tyres might just end up saving you money in the long run. Many of the tyres that you see here will perform extremely well during the winter months and are known for their low noise levels.

Fulda tyres

The Fulda Tyre Company

Fulda is a Germany tyre brand from the city of Fulda. Whether you are looking for SUV, passenger car, light truck, truck or 4x4 tyres, this brand has you covered. This manufacturer is not only known for its huge tyre range, but its excellent price-performance ratio when buying high-performance tyres as well. Of course, these tyres have been approved in the EU, wherefore you need not fear for your safety. Both internal and external tests go to show how great these tyres really are.