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Hankook Tyres

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Hankook tyres in a large selection

The origin of Hankook tyres is in their name - Hankook means Korea. It harks back to Korea's first tyre manufacturer Chosun Tire Company founded in 1941. 1953 it converted into the Hankook Tire Corporation. Hankook produces not only tyres, but also batteries, wheels and brake pads.

Hankook tyres are used by many car manufacturers as original equipment for new cars, including BMW, Ford, VW and now even Mercedes. Since 2003 the company has been cooperating with Michelin developing high class products that are also influenced by Hankook's experiences as a tyre supplier for the motorsport series DTM.

Hankook offers tyres for cars, SUVs, vans and large commercial vehicles. In turn, these tyres have been designed to meet both the needs of your car and your needs. If you would like to stay safe on the road, these tyres are definitely worth considering.

Which Hankook wheels are right for you?

The ICept RS W442 is a winter tyre for compact and mid-range cars. It guarantees sufficient grip even at low temperatures and difficult road conditions as its rubber compound remains flexible. SUV drivers select the Icebear W300 which may be run with up to 240 km/h (149 mph) depending on the wheel size. Because high-performance SUVs are gas hogs, this winter tyre reduces fuel consumption due to its low rolling resistance.

The Hankook tyre is available in other versions as well - as Icebear W300A for large wheels and as RunFlat version W300R. You'll get Hankook summer, season and winter tyres on autopink-shop.ie. We offer both low prices and a fast delivery within two to three business days after payment. You can easily pay by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.

Please note: Let us send the tyres directly to the car repair shop for tyre changing. After all, the perfect tyre fit makes for safe driving. Make sure that you are selecting the Hankook wheels that were made for your car and score some truly great deals in the process, which you will not want to miss.