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Kenda Tyres

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Kenda Tyres

Kenda Reifen gunstig online kaufen - autopink-shop.de

Kenda tyres are manufactured by the Taiwanese Kenda Rubber Industrial Company. It was founded in 1962 and produces anywhere in Asia. The company is particularly innovative and amongst other things it introduced a highly robust ATV tyre with a six-ply carcass the first time in 1994. The mountain bike tyres of this brand have repeatedly drawn attention to themselves as well and are among the most popular products on the market. As a sponsor of the Giant Asia Racing Team Kenda tyres are even used in competitions.

Kenda wheels for passenger vehicles

For passenger cars, the tyres are offered for different vehicle classes including the summer tyre Komet SPT-1 for sport cars. It does not only convinces with tracking and cornering stability, but also with a low wearout, which the ADAC confirmed in 2009 after an extensive test. Of course there are Kenda tyres for the winter as well like the Polar Trax KR19, which is available for small and compact cars. Order your new tyres at affordable prices in our online store. In general, the delivery is free of charge - even to a car repair shop or one of our assembly stations. We will make sure to offer as broad of a Kenda tyre selection as possible so that you can find the right tyres for your vehicle here. Our selection includes summer, winter and all-season tyres alike that offer optimal grip and excellent cornering abilities. To learn more about the performance features of each of these kinds of tyres, please read through the detailed product descriptions that we provide you with. Both your safety and a high level of driving comfort will be assured when you opt for the right kinds of Kenda wheels.