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Kumho Tyres

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The Kumho tyres brand

The South Korean tyre manufacturer Kumho was founded in 1960 as Samyang Tire Co. and is known for its wide base tyres that promise high performance on tarmac. They are available as racing tyres, but also street-legal where they are available for all vehicle classes. So drivers of small cars can enjoy those premium tyres as well as sports car owners. Kumho tyres are available for all seasons.

Recommended Kumho wheels and tyres

For winter time we recommend the Winter Craft WP51. In a 2014 ADAC test it proved good handling characteristics, especially on dry and icy roads. In addition to safety, the cost-efficiency is important for the quality of a tyre. Winter Craft WP51 has a low rolling resistance which saves fuel. It is available in sizes from 14 to 16 inches.

Many drivers still use summer tires during cold weather - doing so is saving on the wrong things. Winter tyres do not have to be expensive as prices prove on autopink-shop.ie. Here you can by Kumho tyres of all types good at the price with free shipping. Click on the set of tyres that you are interested in and learn more about their features.

Our Kumho tyre selection will deliver great performance on the road while keeping you safe. Optimal grip is ensured, while these tyres are also very appealing and will match the look of your car. As you can see, our low prices do not mean that you have to sacrifice quality.