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Nexen Tyres

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Nexen tyres - the brand behind these quality tyres

Nexen tyres are sold in over 100 countries. In 1956 the company founded in 1942 in South Korea put its first tyre on the market and went public 20 years later. A short time later Nexen cooperated with Michelin and started producing radial tyres. 2003 the last Nexen diagonal tyre rolled off the line - since then the brand primarily offers ultra high performance tyres and products for SUVs. Since 2008 they are available in Europe as well, which has boosted sales tidy.

Nexen Reifen – Reifen der nächsten Generation

The summer and winter tyres are claimed as "tyres the next generation" with an excellent price-performance ratio. However, Nexen focuses not only on the target group of ambitious drivers, but also on eco-friendly tyres.

Performance and eco-friendly tyres by Nexen

If you are looking for both performance and eco-friendly tyres, you might want to turn to the trusted experts at Nexen. The N'blue eco has up to 20 per cent less rolling resistance than similar products helping to save fuel. In size 215/65 R16 it is rated as good as "B" on the EU tyre label. The HTX RH5 is a Nexen tyre for high performance SUVs. Its self-cleaning tread improves the handling characteristics offroad and the silence system makes driving on tarmac more comfortable.

This makes the tyre universally usable. You can order it and other Nexen tyres on autopink-shop.ie with free shipping. To do this, select the desired tyre size for all the available models. Read the test reports about the quality of the tyres and choose the product that will meet your needs. In particular, perfect fit is important as is the case with all tyres purchased on our site. That is what you should choose the Nexen wheels that were made for your vehicle. We can also help with local fittings if need be.