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Taurus Tyres

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Taurus Tyres – Reliable and Affordable

The famous Hungarian brand "Taurus Tyres" has been producing reliable tyres with the optimized performance. In 1996, the company collaborated with the giant brand Michelin and since then it has produced an enormous range of tyres. Keeping the modern driving needs in mind, the company strives for excellence in automotive industry. Durable, proficient and reliable are the terms that best define the name of Taurus.

Expert in Passenger Car Tyres:

Being pioneer in the industry, Taurus alongside its partner has focused on producing high quality tyres for the passenger cars. That is the reason you can experience a wide range of Taurus tyres for lorries, vans and agricultural vehicles. Whether you are looking for the well-engineered tread patterns to drive through snowy or icy roads, or the one that can provide a stable grip on road throughout the year in all seasons, Taurus has a complete range to offer.

Check out Taurus winter tyres and summer tyres for amazing performance. Like Taurus Light Truck 101 is a masterpiece summer tyre that is an ideal option for vans. Taurus Touring 301 and 401 are other exclusive varieties with amazing features.

We at autopink-shop.ie are pleased to facilitate you with the stupendous quality of Taurus tyres at affordable prices. You can easily find out the best type of tyre as per your vehicle’s needs from our store. Select the desired product and get it delivered at the doorstep. We believe in customer’s satisfaction that is the reason we offer the most reliable products in the most economical range.