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Toyo Tyres

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The solid reputation of Toyo tyres

Toyo tyres have been known in Europe for the last 36 years, but this homegrown Japanese brand also maintains presence in Asia, the Americas, Oceania and the Middle East. For the last 70 years, Toyo tyres have built a solid reputation in off-road adventure, racing and all-terrain driving. Specifically, Toyo tyres have earned top marks in the North American market, having been named No.1 Overall Brand by tyre dealers for seven years since 2000.

All-Season Car Tyres Toyo for Touring

Toyo tyres have been widely used by racers, enthusiasts and every day drivers. This broad market is reflected in the product catalogue of Toyo tyres: Whether you are looking for passenger and eco car tyres, sports tyres, (extreme) winter tyres or competition tyres, Toyo tyres meet your needs.

Some of the popular tyres, such as the Toyo Proxes NE series, are built for all-season touring to give drivers fuel efficiency and an easy, quiet ride when using hybrid, electric or other environmentally-friend vehicles. Sedans and coupes can be fitted with luxury touring all-season tyres, while crossover vehicles work well with SUV/CUV touring all-season tyres.

Toyo tyres for All-Terrain Power Driving

Variable condition car tyres such as the Toyo Vario-V2+, are all-season tyres featuring saw-tooth edge blocks for traction not just on dry roads but on snow and ice surface as well. For exceptional performance in winter conditions on highways, the Toyo SNOWPROX S 953 comes highly recommended. It features sporty, directional tread pattern to improve braking without compromising ride comfort in both wet and dry conditions.

For high-powered driving on wet or dry pavement, the Proxes T1 Sport series lends a perfect balance of quick braking, precise steering response, high-speed stability and cornering power. It is the perfect Toyo summer tyre. This tyre series best exemplifies Toyo’s reputation in motorsports: Use Proxes T1 Sport for driving though hairpin after hairpin on tight mountain roads or on the open highway to the beach.

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