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Uniroyal Tyres

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Uniroyal tyres – more than just your rain tyre expert

At the autopink-shop.ie discount tyre store, you can shop for a large selection of quality rain tyres. If that is precisely what you are looking for, you should take a closer look at our cheap assortment of Uniroyal tyres. This company is considered the rain tyre expert par excellence. If you want to ensure your road safety even when faced with extremely wet conditions, these wheels might be a great choice. Whether you are dealing with wet winter or summer weather, we hope that you will find your Uniroyal tyre match here. After all, we will help you find the correct tyre size and you can always contact us whenever you have any questions whatsoever.

Uniroyal tyres

About the Uniroyal tyre brand

First of all, you should know that there are in fact two tyre companies that go by this name. The United States Rubber Company, or Uniroyal Inc., is an American tyre maker that is now part of Michelin. In addition, there is also Uniroyal, the Belgian tyre brand, which is part of Continental, one of the most important German tyre companies. As far as rain tyres are concerned, we are talking about Uniroyal, the Continental brand. These tyres are certainly in a class of their own given their special Shark Skin Technology (SST). Since their invention in 1969, these wheels have been improved quite a bit in order to be able to offer you an even higher level of safety. Well over 1,000 scientists are relentlessly working to further improve upon the current level of rain tyre quality in order to avoid many more rain-related accidents.

Uniroyal Reifen günstig kaufen

Shop for Uniroyal tyres now

As you can see, Uniroyal tyres stand for a high level of quality and road safety. Nevertheless, we are able to offer you cheap budget prices on many of these wheels. Also note that we bring you speedy delivery times.