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Tigar Tyres

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Tigar tyres

Tigar Reifen gunstig online kaufen - autopink-shop.de

If you are looking for best-selling passenger car tyres, Tigar tyres are available at the autopink-shop.ie online store. The massive range includes not only winter tyres along with summer tyres, but 4x4 tyres and motorbike tyres, too. As such, Tigar hopes to satisfy as many customers as possible. You will be happy to know that these budget-friendly tyres have been manufactured with European road conditions in mind, wherefore they offer optimal grip and handling. You can count on reliable tyres when you opt for this tyre brand. A comfortable and smooth ride is moreover ensured. Check out the Tigar Sigura, Syneris, Prima or Winter 1 as part of our range.

Tyres by Tigar

The Tigar tyre brand was founded in 1935 in Serbia. Since then, this company has been able to expand its reach. Much like Michelin tyres, these tyres are now available around the globe. In fact, Michelin has become the owner of this tyre company with the remaining shares being acquired in 2010, while the first shares were purchased in 2007 already. The new owner of the Tigar tyre company has even announced that several hundred new workers would be hired in order to take the company to the next level. In fact, Tigar is already the fourth biggest exporter in all of Serbia.